Well, it is not anything like the end, but it is a staging post. I managed to get into my living room just before Christmas. The wood burning stove is, as you can see, now able to pump out heat. There is still a lot of work to do in the room – although the walls are painted, in a very simple yellow-based cream, there is still no facing to the rough wood holding the new glass door. The door is a success, letting in light. One glance it and it becomes clear that the cottage sits in the middle of open countryside. The dogs like the door – a dog-height window to view pheasants and protest at passing ponies. But to them and tome, it is the stove which takes the trick. It is so very good at making warmth and pictures – at full throttle, it is a lion – but shut the draft down to almost nothing, and you get splendid dark patterns, a kind-of positive vision of a beguiling hell. To the dogs, stretched on sheepskin rugs or the sofa, it is the ultimate luxury of being just slightly too hot.


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  1. It’s beautiful. I’m so glad it is beginning to be more liveable. We should have asked for photos sooner…

    How about one of the famous glass doors?

  2. rosemaryhannah

    Hard to do the photo at the moment – as the contents of the two bedrooms moved into the living room today – just a narrow space left to live in. This is preparatory to sanding the two downstairs bedrooms and the hall. (8 Feb)

  3. You’re spoiling us with all this blogging. It looks good.

  4. And warm too.

  5. Yay. Makes me mildly envious … 🙂

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