Question over dinner

I am happy to tell you that the three bald archangels are now very feathery indeed. Here is, I think, Michaela – though now they are fully feathered they are hard to tell apart. They have their own cockerel, the only one born last year, who shepherds them around and guards them. He has his work cut out, because they are the first birds up, the last to bed and the furthest travelled during the day.
They also lay the most eggs. Large deep brown eggs. It seems incredible to think they would have been turned into chicken pie, on the grounds they are ‘unprofitable’ and I do urge anybody needing or wanting hens to contact the Hen Welfare Trust and taking in some of these poor creatures.

Their only downside is this: I have reached a month earlier than usual that time of the year when the only meaningful question about what to have for dinner is ‘How would you like your eggs?’


3 responses to “Question over dinner

  1. I’ll have mine poached, please.

  2. time for challah bread, meringues, lemon curd, custard… I have faith that you’ll find ways.

    But, your post gives me an excuse to share my current favourite eggy recipe. It is so much better than it looks on the page.

    cook a lot of spinach (optionally, with sage and or rocket)
    meanwhile poach the eggs.
    mince a clove of garlic into a small pot of greek yoghurt.
    heat some butter with some paprika and chilli flakes (smoked paprika works too)
    Then pile it all up, dolloping the yoghurt on the egg, and drizzling the butter over all, and serve with toasted crusty bread.

  3. Lemon meringue pie!

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