The Grand Designer

Beautiful, isn’t  it?  The irregular outline of Cardiff Castle, re-worked from a mediaeval original by Billy  Burges.  I’m just back from a book-launch for the Big Biography there (The Grand Designer:  Third Marquess of Bute) and while there had another first, an interview on the radio.

If you are curious it is available at it is until Wednesday at 2 hours 5 mins, or if you miss that, download just the clip of my interview by clicking  on

I enjoyed every moment of the interview.  It might be cooler to pretend otherwise,  but, no, I just loved doing it.


3 responses to “The Grand Designer

  1. Congratulations on the appearance of the book. Readers of your blog know it has been a long haul, but we’ve been willing the outcome all the way.

  2. Just finished your book! Really enjoyed it, but there are more hills in Fife than the Lomonds, you know.

  3. rosemaryhannah

    I am very glad you enjoyed the book. Um, I went to University at St Andrews, and know Fife quite well. The Lomonds are the most remarkable of the Fife hills.

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