The green fire

The green fire is spreading up the hillside, but it has not reached me yet.In this latest of years I have been watching hopefully as the fuse first lit down at the coast has been edging slowly but firmly up and up, in and in. Now the valleys are blazing with new grass, budding hawthorn, and black ash buds.

Not here, not yet. Soon though. There are signs of its coming. Buds not yet broken are still swelling. A sudden riot of coltsfoot and celandine has broken out. Not the green, however, not yet. Not that sudden lushness all over the fields and hedgerows that means spring feeding, and lushness and the renewal of life is here.


3 responses to “The green fire

  1. Everything very behind here in Dorset too. The weather has warmed in the last couple of days and it seems plants are going to take spring at a rush. Some are able to do this better than others so there’s a muddle of co-incidence.

  2. The grass has greened up here on our Welsh hill, but not the trees or hedgerows as yet, I’ve never known them so late. Hope yours comes soon.

  3. Rosemary Hannah

    Down in the valleys there is an huge mix of plants in flower – the dandelions are full out, and the coltsfoot just starting with is bizarre. This year, more than usual, I am cursing the extra height which makes my grass slower to come,. It is horribly expensive to have to feed for another month of winter, Right now, we have the kind of growth I would associate with early March up here. The pussy willow has just turned yellow!.

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