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Today I was driving, slightly late, into Kilmarnock. I was bowling down the main road when I saw a slight obstacle to one side. I slowed at once, and then slowed some more. Had I not been late with a tail of traffic behind me I would have stopped altogether. There, pulled up at the side of the road was a genuine, Sri Lankan style three wheeler. The red and yellow colouring, the open sides. Driver seemed to have trotted off down the embankment. The guess would be to relieve a bladder made to ache by the Ayrshire wind in late September, unimpeded by the slight protection of the canopy.

Really! First Italy and then Sri Lanka – what IS Ayrshire coming to 😉




Nearly two years ago, I visited my daughter who was working in Sri Lanka. It was a beautiful country, full of welcoming people, lotus pools, water buffalo and – and ever increasing tension and violence. The Government had decided to resume the war with the ‘Tamil Tigers’.

Now, at last, the British media are starting to report this terrible destructive conflict. We as individuals can’t do much to change the situation, but I continue to believe that the truth has a path and an importance of its own.



Listen and weep. Small countries cannot afford civil wars – nobody can afford civil wars. Sri Lanka has the potential to be a prosperous country.